Liquid Force 2014 Team Shoot

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting my favorite kiteboarding spot in the world. HOOD RIVER OREGON. While there I was a part of the 2014 Liquid Force team product shoot. I had so much fun with everyone and became friends with some team mates I had never had the chance to meet. I feel real thankful I was a part of it and hope to do more and be a part next year. STOKED Check the video below.

Alliance Wakeboard Magazine

I feel pretty lucky living in Orlando Florida as a kiteboarder. My favorite style of riding is rails and kickers so I am blessed with having the best cable wake park in the world at my back door. Alongside that I live in one of the coolest neighborhoods called “The Hood” its located on Clear Lake which hosts some of the best wakeboarders in the world, not to name drop but homies like, Brian Reeder, Shane Bonifay, Marc Rossiter, Adam Errintgton, Jimmy Lariche, Mitch Langfield (My aussie c*nt roommate), Collin Harrington, Erik Ruck, Tony Carroll and many more.. these are all my neighbors and friends so I am super blessed to have them in my life and be able to party and ride with them. Being said, I met the editor of Alliance, Garrett Cortese while riding on Jimmy’s boat one evening, and I decided to be ballsy and email him. My main goal was to hopefully get one of my photos published from my trip to Nitro City. We did not come to an agreement on those photos, but I was even luckier because he wanted to do a photo shoot with (me?!) here are the results. Couldn’t be happier! Not only did I get one photo but, I got 3….  Might I add this is my first time being published in a wakeboard magazine? I love the fact that kiting and cable wakeboarding can be one in the same. you can train for either in both sports and reach limits you never thought possible. I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me in this past year. cheers ! Anything can happen in life, just don’t give up on your dreams!

Triple-S 2013

This was my second year riding in the Triple-S Invitational at Real Watersports in Cape Hatteras, NC. I have attended this competition as a spectator for the past 6 years and It only gets better every year. I always end up having the best week of my life . This year I met a bunch of cool new friends and had some of the best sessions I have ever had. I can’t wait til next year. This year I took 2nd place women’s Sliders! next year I’m hoping for 1st! Enjoy.

Claire Joins JETPILOT

SO over the past 7 months I have been living in Orlando, FL cable wakeboarding. I decided to venture on this journey because I fell in LOVE with cable riding. Its just like kiteboarding. The reason I started riding cable was because I wanted to get REALLY good at riding rails and kickers. I wanted to get so good that I would be the best in kiteboarding. Now that I have been here for awhile, improving my riding skills, I was picked up by a wakeboarding sponsor! JETPILOT! words cannot express how stoked I am about that! They are helping me work on my riding career in both cable riding and kiteboarding. The best of both worlds. They have already given me a tremendous amount of support and I could not be happier. I will be attending Keys Cable Park March 2-3 for their all girls event which includes both sports that I love. Kiteboarding and Cable Wakeboarding. I cannot wait! see you on the water!

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Triple S Invitational

Ever since I learned to Kiteboard I have always dreamed of riding in the famous TRIPLE S INVITATIONAL. I submitted a wildcard and showed up to the competition, and I was lucky enough to be invited. After I started kiting 5 years ago this was a dream come true. I used to harass Jason Slezak every year asking him what tricks I needed to learn to ride in the competition. Now that I have gained some rail skills I think its a perfect hit. Here are some photos.

I placed 1st Place Women’s Winching and 3rd place Women’s Sliders

The event was so much fun, hanging out with all my friends and riding with them. I used to watch all the pros in awe wishing I could be out there, and now I was joining them. I also walked in a charity bikini fashion show to benefit cancer. It was such a great time!!!

Check out all my photos and coverage from the event. enjoy :)

Cable Park Rat

I decided to go on a trip to Florida this past month to ride at the cable parks. I had never done it before and had wanted to for a few years now. I ended up loving it so much that I stayed for over a month riding cable everyday. I love cable because its the closest thing to kiteboarding possible. I love rails and sliders so I figured it was the perfect cross training for me. Usually I spend my summers in Hood River, OR., but I decided to take a chance on life and take an offer I received to be an instructor at Orlando Watersports Complex. I will be riding cable everyday and working on my slider skills. I am very excited, but also sad at the same time to leave my favorite place in the world, Hood River. I will be visiting Oregon a few times this summer though, to ride in the Ro Sham Throw down, and then to visit all my favorite people! I added a couple photos below of my cable riding so far, look out for a video in the near future!